Mercer County, (WV)


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Name Mercer
Population Year 2015
Population 62,405
Description Mercer County, West Virginia is nestled deep in the heart of Appalachia. The county, founded in 1837, was originally established in the state of Virginia by act of its General Assembly and is named in honor of Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer. The area is filled with a rich history of coal mining and the unique culture that emerged. Coal mining communities created a type of hospitality that is unmatched anywhere in the south. Mercer County is among the most diverse and complex of West Virginia's 55 counties. Its 420.8 square miles range from the rolling farmland of the New River Valley on the east, to the craggy promontory of Pinnacle Rock State Park to the west, and the coalfields beyond. Mercer County's history is as varied as its geography. You absolutely have to see Mercer County, West Virginia's Southern Gateway.